A unique smart perimeter security solution utilizing smart sensors monitoring patterns of vibrations in special format cables.



Minimal false alarms

Accurately monitor perimeter breach attempts

Identify type of intrusion such as ladder against fence, digging, cutting or climbing

Electric fence does not have to be constantly energised

Guard monitoring (Tapping on fence zone in a predetermined manner to indicate presence or panic alert)

Lower verification cost
Lower CCTV monitoring cost and better utilisation of current investments in security
Focus your resources and lower guarding costs
Extend your electric fence lifespan
Simplify guard patrol management


Internationally recognized product

VibraTek® Plus is a fourth generation vibration-sensitive sensor specifically designed to provide high-performance intruder detection capability when deployed on fences or other barriers used to define the perimeter of a secure site. More than 500 km of VibraTek sensor effectively secure hundreds of sites worldwide.

VibraTek® Plus is a sophisticated, yet easy to install sensing device, based on well-established engineering principles carefully chosen to ensure maximum detection performance allied with an enviably low false alarm rate.

VibraTek® Plus is manufactured as a cable form allowing easy installation and commissioning by any competent technician and can be supplied to site ensuring maximum utilisation and minimum wastage during the installation process.

VibraTek® Plus is directly attached to fences or other perimeter barriers using cable ties, cable clips, or by installation in conduit attached to such barriers so that mechanical vibration generated as a result of hostile activity is coupled into the sensor device and converted to representative electrical signals.


Welded Mesh
Expanded Metal
Chain Link
Walls , Floors  and Ceilings
Doors and Gates

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